team Chicago Strength

flex pic
Why is this one of my favorite all time pictures? And a huge thank you for Derek for taking the picture.
I think this one picture sums up our team and weightlifting....
First off I cant get past the amazing bottom position in the pic, lol. This was not just a normal lift, this was a pause at the knee lift. Weight is about 116kg/255lbs witch is around 95% of my max snatch at the time. You can see the focus in my eyes and having to fight to save the lift at the bottom.
Second, look to the background of the pic. Two of my 77KG male lifters who you would think would want to watch my lift, Find the perfect time to pose in the back round . Jeff, in the back left has a huge bicep, clearly showing he is not squatting enough. And the fact that his shoes perfectly match his reebok CrossFit shirt means he is more into his fashion then his lifting. Haha. All thought Jeff is a corner stone of the program.
Third Louis is wearing the same shoes and doing the same bicep pose in tights and hook grip knee sleeves. At least go for the double bicep pose . Be original.
Thirdly, Kana, AKA the prodigal daughter, far left, is all smiles. Just enjoying the training session. Not worried about the lift at hand, but just enjoying training and being with the team. She represents the fun of weightlifting.
Finely, Mayra is the back right, is watching diligently. She is watching closely trying to pick up everything she can from the lift. Mayra represents the seriousness of a training session.
Is any one right or wrong in this picture ? NO, everyone is showing a proper part of weightlifting. Weightlifting is both fun and very serious at the same time. You need to enjoy what you do. Any one who as spent any time with weightlifting should understand this sport is both fun and serious at the same time. Finding the right balance is very hard, and only come from time with the lifts.
I love you all and are a new family to me, Please don't change. I need all of you in my life. Derek has given us the opportunity  to train and compete together, and we should be very thankful for having a gym owner who wants to see a weightlifting program grow and give us the resources to do so.
Chicago Strength 2014.