2013 Numbers and Meet up date

  With the year coming to an end its time to look back over the past year and see the progress we had made. This is where we also see who's been good about keeping a notebook. I will list below the numbers that I think are important to keep track of, you may have other ones you want to track for your self but these are the basic numbers we need to be keeping track of.

I am calling 2013 my first full year of training in weightlifting only, I had about 6 months in 2012 of training but a lot of that was still coming back off of some injuries. I would like you all to run these numbers for your self and post then in the comments below so we can all see as a team what we accomplished this past year. These are all my training numbers.

Total 220-265, up 45kg

Snatch 120-128, up 8kg

Clean and Jerk 127-140, up 13kg

Clean 130-145, up 15kg

Jerk 136-150, up 14kg

Squat 150-202 up 52kg

Front Squat 129-155, up 26kg

We also need to think about 2014 and decided what are goals are for the new year. One question I would like everyone to answer along with your numbers are if you would like to be a full time weight lifter or part time. Full time meaning that weightlifting will be your sport and you will be competing. Part time meaning you want to do weightlifting as a part of your fitness plan and will be doing other things throughout the year. We will all still train together and go to meets but this will make doing outside of class programing easier and give me a better idea of everyones goals for the new year.



January 18th Sayer Park, After this meet is over and the holidays are all behind us we will go back onto a more structured program in preparation for the Arnold and the state meet. I have enjoyed over the past 6 weeks or so of doing our Bulgarian-ish program of only doing snatch, C&J and squats all though I am a little beat up. Let me know if you enjoyed only doing these lifts or if you felt better doing things like hangs or block work.

February 28th- March 2nd Arnold - Columbus OH We need to decided who wants to make this trip to lift or if anyone wants to just go along for the trip. This is run as a local meet that any one can lift in with no qualifying total.

April 19th Illinois state championship - Mattoon IL I would really like to get as many lifters in this meet as we can so plan ahead if you want to make this meet.

July 17-20th USA National championship - Salt Lake City UT This is a ways out but this should be everyones goal is to make it to this one. You can find the qualifying totals on the USAW website.