2 Weeks out

  We are just two weeks away from the Sayer Park meet. That means for most of us this will be our last week to really go heavy before we start to taper off. This is the end of the holiday season and our Bargain-ish training cycle. I have really enjoyed how simple this type of training has been only having to do snatch, clean and jerk and squats each training session. I feel a lot stronger and have put on some weight, But I am a little beat up from it. We Will be making some changes to how we are training after the meet and will be rolling right into our next training cycle. This cycle will gear towards the Arnold. I need anyone who is willing to go to this meet to leave a note in the comments below ASAP. The sign up is now open and will fill up quickly. We are also ready to start to offer individual programing for anyone who would like it. All the info for it is on the web page. Derek will do your initial assessment and I will put together programing for you to use when training outside of our class sessions. If you have any questions about starting up email me at Terry@chicagostrength.com