One week out

This is the end of our Bulgarian cycle. If anyone is still left standing its been two months with nothing but snatch, clean and jerk and squats. If you need to get some heavy lifting in before the meet try and do it Monday. Tuesday night make sure you are at training so we can all talk about openers and lift up to that, Then everything else you do will be lighter throughout the week. Thursday night we should all get to the gym and do some very light lifts and recovery work together then take Friday off. Plan of being at Sayer Park from 9am till about 6pm. Its going to be a full day with 3 sessions so bring food and drinks for before and after lifting. We have people lifting in each of the sessions so make sure as a team we stick around for everyones lifts. We have a lot of people that are a little banged up right now, make sure your backing off the weights now and doing everything you can to recover and heal up before Saturday.