Program update

Cycle 2 ( 3 weeks ) for IL state meet 4/19/14 Here is an out line of what training will look like over the next 3 weeks. Wave training is something new we are going to try out on Tuesday nights. For the Snatch, 3 waves of 3 reps may look like this, Wave #1 90-93-96 Wave #2 95-98-101 Wave #3 10-103-106. I want to use this as a more controlled day with very few if any misses. Thursdays will be our max effort night off the blocks, but I will stop attempts at 3 misses for now.

Tuesday: Wave

Squat-1x2 ( 2 rep max )

Snatch-3 waves of 3 reps

C&J-2 waves of 4 reps

Thursday: Blocks

Squat-3x5 @ 85%

Snatch-1x1 ( heavy single ) high block, then 3 doubles at 80%

C&J-1x1 (heavy single ) high block, then 3 doubles at 80%

Saturday: Total

MAX Snatch