(FST) What is Fascial Stretch Therapy?

FST is method of assisted stretching. Fascial Stretch Therapists utilize techniques that will help clients stretch without pain and to gently increase their range of motion and flexibility. Stretching should not be a painful experience, instead it should be a series of gentle waves during which your central nervous system can relax and allow your fascia, muscles, and ligaments to relax!

What can I expect during a session?

Sessions last 60 minutes and are performed on a massage table. Very simply put think of it as a 60 minute yoga session where you really dont do any work! By coupling your breathing to the stretches you will find yourself in a very relaxed state and leave the session feeling relaxed, refreshed, and more flexible!

Is FST for me?

If you are struggling with mobility and flexibility then FST may be very beneficial to you. FST is not a treatment used to reduce pain or treat specific ailments. Although pain reduction might be a side effect of the sessions. Sometimes we might need to refer you out to a physical therapist or chiropractor if needed. FST is NOT a replacement for other treatments, instead it is a perfect add on to anything that you are doing currently!

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