Our training staff will tailor make a program designed around your goals and specific needs. The programs will be safe and most importantly effective. We have a diverse staff that can work with you on a variety of your athletic goals. Our team at Chicago Strength can help you with weigh loss, lean muscle gains,competitive olympic weightlifting, powerlifting and also specific endurance athlete training.


Before you begin working with one of our trainers we need you to complete a 90 minute assessment. This is the first crucial step in developing a safe and effective program for you. The staff will take a medical history, sleep assessment, current supplement regime, previous training history, structural balance assessment and also your BioSignature body composition reading. Once the staff complies all of this information we will then be able to build the proper program for you! Please contact us to schedule your initial assessment with one of our trainers.


Initial Assessment: $100.00 Individual Session Rates Range from 50 to 95 dollars per session (depending on packages available) 1 month training (12 sessions) = 5% discount 2 month training (24 sessions) = 10% discount 3 month training (36 sessions) = 15% discount 6 month training (72 sessions) = 20% discount

When a 3 month 6 month package is purchased, the Initial Assessment Fee of 100 dollars will be waived.