Personal Training at Chicago Strength is the best option for people who prefer 1-on-1 coaching and/or looking for scheduling flexibility. We will ensure that your workouts are personalized, so it caters to your individual needs and goals (aesthetic and/or athletic).

We also offer "semi-private" training, which is for those who like working with a partner or friend, or for those people who enjoy a semi-competitive environment in which to train.

The most common reason people seek out the assistance of a coach is to lose weight and "get into better shape". What this really refers to is "decreasing body fat and building muscle" and at Chicago Strength, we can keep you on track, as well as to help you to stay motivated and accountable. If you have any specific health conditions or injuries (chronic or acute), we will work with you and your doctor and/or physical therapist to plan the most appropriate training programs for your needs.

One of the goals when working with clients, is to empower them with knowledge and experience. The end goal for our clients is to have the confidence to train on their own and know they're doing everything correctly and safely, long term.


Before you begin working with us, we will need you to complete a 30-60 minute assessment. This is the first crucial step in developing a safe and effective program for you. We look at body composition, a movement screen, health questionnaire, and lifestyle assessment. We then compile all of this information to build the proper program for you! Please contact us to schedule your initial assessment.

Ideally, our clients commit to working with us at least 3 sessions per week per month. This allows us to truly make an impact on the day-to-day progression of each of our clients.


Individual Session Rates range from $50 to $95 per session (depending on packages available).

Individual Exercise Technique review session = $50

One-on-one Personal Training:

  • Single session = $79
  • 6 session package = $450 (5% discount)
  • 12 session package = $855 (10% discount)
  • 24 session package = $1600 (15% discount)

Partner (two people) Personal Training:

  • Single session = $100 ($50 per person)
  • 6 session package = $540 ($45 per person)
  • 12 session package = $960 ($40 per person)
  • 24 session package = $1680 ($35 per person)