Chicago Strength offers sports performance programming designed for a wide range of athletes, which is focused on helping them get an edge on their opponents and closer to achieving their athletic goals. The approach we use is highly individualized, based on the age, developmental level, experience, and sport demands of each athlete who commits to our program. The sports performance program is an evidence-based off-season progression that addresses all of the aspects of development to develop and enhance your athletic performance. We ensure that each program is focused on injury prevention, movement development, and performance improvements focused on helping you accomplish your athletic goals.


Each athlete needs to undergo an extensive assessment to analyze every possible area of opportunity. These include identifying any strength and mobility imbalances, various performance (strength, power, speed) tests, body composition, and possible injury prevention strategies. We will then design a deliberate progression that is both specific to your sport (and position), as well as the individual imbalances and deficiencies we find during your assessment. The training programs are usually altered every 2 to 4 weeks, based on individual progression and long term goals. We use a proven and methodical progression towards your competitive season that ensures you're developing the foundation necessary to move forward into more demanding phases of training that are more closely related to the specific demands of your sport.

We understand that each sport has a unique set of demands and that the specific conditioning required to excel in different sports can't be addressed with a basic approach. We also include specific, and progressive conditioning into our off-season programs, to make sure you are ready to go once your competitive season begins. Typically, this component is done at the end of sessions, or on there own outside the facility.

Each session is approx. 90 minutes from warm up through conditioning and all sessions are lead and run by a coach.


Our goal is to make sure you are getting the results you're working for, so we require at least 2 sessions per week of training in our facility. You can train up to 4 times per week in-house. We require at least a 6 week commitment, but ideally all athletes will go through the entire 12 week progression to get the most out of it.

Please contact us for the variety of options we have available for sessions per week, payment options, and any other questions or concerns you may have.


We will be running a volleyball-specific sports performance camp for athletes aged 12-18 in the Summer of 2018. The athletes will be training 3x per week (T/Th/F) for seven weeks. The program will start on Tuesday, July 10th and run through the week of August 20th. We will be posting more information about this opportunity very soon, but feel free to contact us with questions. Thanks!