WOD : 10/20/2017


This year we will be participating in the CrossFit Lift Off Competition.  Anyone is welcome to sign up (but its not required that you do).  The competition will test 3 separate things and will take place Dec, 1st through Dec, 4th.  

 1. Snatch
2. Clean and Jerk
3. One Workout

How it works
CrossFit Lift Off
CrossFit will release a conditioning style workout on Thursday November 30th.   The workout that is released will be Fridays Class workout.  Saturdays class workout will be the max effort Snatch and Clean and Jerk.  If you decide to sign up and compete you will have till Monday to submit your scores! 


15 minutes to work up to a heavy 3 Position Snatch (Top - Down) 

1 - High Hang Snatch
1 - Hang Snatch
1 - Snatch

For time complete the following
800 meter run
100 double Unders
30 Power Snatch (95/65) 

3 x 12 jumping Lunges
3 x 50 foot waiter carries (3 per side) 


A1 - Deadlift

5 x 40%
5 x 50% 
5 x 60%

B1 - Front Squat
3 sets of 12 reps (keep it light and fast) 

C1 -  Front Rack Lunges
2 x 15 per leg
C2 - Lying Hamstring Slides
2 x 20
C3 - GHD Sit ups
2 x 15