WOD : 10/24/2017



Every 2 minutes for 16 minutes complete the following

2 Muscle Ups (Bar, Ring, or Muscle up Skill work) 
3 Push Press (start at 70% est. 1rm and increase throughout) 
(for muscle ups today, you can sub 2 dips and 2 pull ups or sub 2 negative muscle ups) 

8 minute amrap of the following

5 Strict Pull Ups
7 Air Squats
9 Double KB Push Press (use DB, or Barbell if needed) 
(No rx on KB weight today, shoot for a number you can get for 9 reps each round but be a challenge) 

Closeout -  Freestanding Handstand hold practice with a partner! 


A1 - Shoulder to overhead 1 RM

Choose your favorite lift (split jerk, push jerk, behind the neck, whatever!) and go for a 1 rm max today. You can also use an axle, log, stone whatever.  Just get a heavy load from the shoulder to overhead.  No time limit, have fun but go hard. 

B1 - Bench Press
5 x 70%
5 x 75% 
5+ x 80% (leave 2 left in the tank)

For the next two exercises, set a clock for 16 minutes.  Get all 20 sets done withing that time frame.  Increase and or decrease weight added throughout so that you stay in the 2-3 rep range for each movement.  If needed add band tension for the dips and or use negative only for the chin ups. 

C1 - Dips
10 sets of 2-3 reps (choose a weight that you can get 2-3 reps each set, should be a challenge
C2 - Chin Ups
10 sets of 2-3 reps (again, like the dips choose a weight that you can get 2-3 reps each set)