WOD : 11/30/2017



For time complete the following

12-9-6-3 reps of the following

Axle Bar Cleans (165/115) 
Over head Walking Lunge (Same Weight) 

rest 5 minutes

Rotate between the following two exercises and rest as needed between sets

Zercher Good Mornings (use axle bar) 
5 x 5 at tempo 4010 and rest as needed and go as heavy as possible

Log Push Press
5 x 5 at tempo 10x0


A1 - Snatch Grip Behind the neck Push Press
5 x 3 reps at tempo (41x0) 

B1 -  Z -Press
5 sets of 10-12 reps

C1 - N Grip Chin Ups
10x 2-3 reps (tempo 10x0 and use weight!) 

C2 - Dips
10 x 2-3 reps (tempo 10x0) 

D1 -  Row Intervals
10 x 50 meter row sprints (rolling start and rest as needed)