WOD: 9/21/2017


Partner Strongman - Teams of 2

Teams must complete a 5000M row and (3) 400M object transfers


Partner 1 rows


Partner 2 does an object run with 1 of the 3 items. Partner 2 leaves the object at the halfway point of the 400M mark and returns to the gym to relieve Partner 1. Partner 1 then goes to retrieve the object and bring back to the gym. Time is called when all three items have been taken and returned and all 5000M have been completed. If all items are returned before rowing ends, partners can break up the remaining meters.



KB (All Male Team - 55; All Female Team - 35; Mixed - 45)

Plate (MM - 45; FF - 25; MF - 35)

Wall Ball (All - 20)