WOD : 4/4/2018

Just a quick announcement!  We will be changing up our Crossfit class programming starting on Monday April 16th.   The new program will be a more structured format that will focus on specific skill development while also advancing in strength and conditioning related to Crossfit.   Sound confusing?  Dont worry, change is good. 

Why the change?  

We want to offer a Crossfit program that allows everyone to train effectively while also becoming more proficient in all facets of the gym such as olympic lifting, gymnastics and also crossfit style conditioning workouts.  The program that will begin on the 16th will bring a lot more structure to each of those aspects, and will allow you to more easily track your progress.  Coach Jim from the barbell club will be programming the new format and he's excited to do so.

Is this permanent? 

Who knows?  We will see how everyone performs on the new program after 3 months and take a look from there on how to move forward.  Remember it wont be a drastic change, more like a shift in focus!  More Detials will be out as we approach the 16th and any quesitons can be directed to jim@chicagostrength and or derek@chicagostrength



5 sets of 2 reps (work up to heaviest sets of 2 for 5 sets) 

The for time complete the following

1000 meter row
50 Thrusters (45/35) 
30 Burpees

4 x 15 single arm kb or db row