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At Chicago Strength, our 6 week challenge is centered around one goal: to help you create and maintain habits that lead to a healthier mind and body. We do not promote fad diets, food restriction, or over training. Instead we strive to help you find balance in your life. Creating a positive relationship to food and exercise and focusing on sustainability are the keys to long term success.

During the challenge you will work with our registered dietitian, our head strength coach, and a team of like minded individuals. Making lifestyle changes is tough work, but the challenge provides you with the accountability and support you need. We have an active group chat for motivation, weekly team workouts, weekly team challenges and homework, team dinners, and a post challenge celebration.



  • 6 weeks of unlimited membership ($311 value)
  • Unlimited INBODY scans.
  • Around the clock nutrition and diet guidance, meal plans, weekly lessons and articles, detailed food feedback weekly.
  • Strongly encourage to attend at least 4 classes per week during the challenge, plus your team will meet once per week for team workouts
  • An active group chat for maximum accountability
  • Personalized skill/exercise programming to help you meet your goals
  • If you are new to CrossFit and interested in CrossFit- this includes a personal elements session prior to the start of the challenge. ($99 value)
  • For the non-member rate, this includes unlimited access to all classes, and unlimited 24/7 fob access to all 3 locations for the 6 weeks.

“Being a long-time member at Chicago Strength, I have had the opportunity to participate in a number of CS Fitness Challenges.  This challenge was one of the most rewarding with the addition of their Certified Nutritionist, Lane Logan.   Having this expert advice as a resource allowed me to change my post-challenge perspective to incorporate into more sustainable ways.  This new component only enhances all of the great coaching that exists at CS.   

My measure of success has evolved with each challenge through an understanding of creating a balance of a healthy lifestyle that can and will be maintained in the everyday.”   

Love the CS culture!  

Kory F
“Chicago Strength fosters such an encouraging  community. Being plagued by knee injuries, I have some significant limitations in what moves I can’t do, but I’ve never been made to feel that I cannot get just as good of a workout with alterations. The owners, coaches, and even fellow members are so helpful and supportive. The Challenges are amazing, and thanks the the most recent one, I am down to a size I haven’t been for nearly 10 years! From nutrition to focusing on strength, it’s not just about workouts, it’s about the whole healthy picture.”
Cori W

“This is my second time doing the challenge, and I had an absolute blast!  Working with Lane has been really cool and easy, and I liked that the nutrition program is tailored to everyone’s needs and preferences. By following Lane’s advice and just doing the classes, I gained 4 lbs of muscle mass and lost 3.5% body fat over six weeks! The community was also extremely wonderful, which made me look forward to our weekly group workouts!”

“I was looking to get back to the gym having put on some pounds during the pandemic, but as a novice gym-goer, I was skeptical of joining “this kind of gym”. But the Six Week Fitness Challenge provided me with both the accountability and motivation to achieve my goals. The expertise and knowledge of the trainers and dietician helped me to establish achievable goals and sustainable results. The challenge is structured to allow you to get as much out of it as you want. You don’t have to know anything about exercise, lifting, or nutrition to be successful. The trainers teach you all the movements and are patient as you figure them out. Specifically, Lane, the registered dietician, provided great information to create meals that help you lose weight, build muscle, and increase your energy levels, all while being sustainable. His personality, attitude, and outlook are contagious making it easier to make, what can be, difficult lifestyle changes. Following the Six Week Fitness Challenge, I have continued with the workouts, nutrition, and lifestyle changes that I established and have lost 20 pounds in 10 weeks with noticeable changes to my muscle mass and physique. Thanks to the Challenge, I was able to get on a path towards both feeling and looking better!”
Gregory D,