When you break into working out for the first time, CrossFit terminology can be quite terrifying. In the gym, you might hear someone mention Pukie the Clown and think you’re about to be an unfortunate victim in a horror movie. Fear no more, my friend — we’ve got your back.

Here, you’ll find every word you need to become a CrossFit language expert.

Answers to Frequently Asked CrossFit Questions

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit™ is an effective fitness system created and coined by Greg Glassman and Lauren Jenai. The regimen is inspired by High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and was trademarked by Glassman and Jenai’s company, Crossfit, Inc.

What does WOD stand for in CrossFit?

WOD is the workout of the day. In CrossFit, WOD refers to any workout you may do, including FRAN, GRACE, or one of the other “ladies.”

What does AAB mean in CrossFit?

AAB, in CrossFit, refers to the gym equipment air assault bike.

What does Tabata stand for?

Tabata training or Tabata protocol is a type of 4-minute HIIT workout developed in Japan as an athletic training system. The idea is to work out at maximum effort for 20 seconds, rest for 10, and repeat 8 times. In Tabata, this is intended to be done 4 times per week.

What are Metcons?

Metcon is an abbreviation for metabolic conditioning. The term is used to refer to HIIT exercises. Most CrossFit exercises fall under the Metcon umbrella.

What does 20.4 mean in CrossFit?

20.4 refers to a CrossFit routine in which the following exercises are done within 20 minutes:

    • 30 box jumps, 24 in.
    • 15 clean and jerks, 95 lb.
    • 30 box jumps, 24 in.
    • 15 clean and jerks, 135 lb.
    • 30 box jumps, 24 in.
    • 10 clean and jerks, 185 lb.
    • 30 single-leg squats
    • 10 clean and jerks, 225 lb.
    • 30 single-leg squats
    • 5 clean and jerks, 275 lb.
    • 30 single-leg squats
    • 5 clean and jerks, 315 lb.

What is Rx Short for in CrossFit?

Rx is the abbreviation for the word prescription. In CrossFit, Rx means “as prescribed.” Do what your trainer says.

CrossFit Terminology Glossary

Here’s the ultimate glossary to discover and learn CrossFit vocabulary. And, if we don’t have a word you want to know, submit it to us so we can answer and keep this database updated.

  1. AAB – Air Assault Bike
  2. AHAP – As Heavy as Possible
  3. Air Squat – Refers to a squat without weights.
  4. AMRAP – As Many Rounds/Reps as Possible
  5. Ass to Grass – To get as low as possible when doing squats.
  6. ATG – Ass to Grass or Ass to Ground.
  7. Back Squat – To squat with a barbell on your back.
  8. Bacon Sizzle – To roll around in pain after WOD.
  9. Beast – A noticeably-fit athlete.
  10. BJO – Box Jump Over
  11. Box – A CrossFit workout gym.
  12. Box Jump – To jump onto and off of an elevated platform.
  13. BP – Bench Press
  14. BS – Back Squat
  15. Burpee – To drop to the ground, do a push-up, squat, then jump.
  16. BW – Body Weight exercise/workout
  17. C&J – Clean & Jerk
  18. Cardio – Refers to exercises and movements that work out the heart.
  19. Caveman Diet – Refers to the Paleolithic diet.
  20. CFT – CrossFit Total
  21. Chipper – Refers to a workout with many reps. You “chip away at it.”
  22. Clean – To move a weight from the ground to a rack.
  23. CFWU – CrossFit Warm-Up
  24. CLN – Clean
  25. CrossFitter – Refers to a person who does CrossFit.
  26. Cross-Training – Participating in multiple sports and exercise styles.
  27. CTB – Chest to Bar
  28. DB – Dumbell
  29. DFL – Dead F’n Last
  30. DL – Deadlift
  31. DNF – Did Not Finish
  32. DNS – Did Not Start
  33. DOMS – Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness
  34. Double Under – Two turns of a jump rope per jump.
  35. DU – Double Under
  36. EMOM – Every Minute on the Minute
  37. Firebreather – A noticeably-fit athlete.
  38. FS – Front Squat
  39. G2OH – Ground to Over Head
  40. GHD – Glute-Ham Developer
  41. Girls – Refers to CrossFit workouts named after women with names like “FRAN,” “CINDY,” or “NANCY”
  42. Globo Gym – A major gym chain.
  43. Goat – A movement or workout that a CrosFitter is not good at.
  44. Gorilla – Refers to a CrossFitter who powers-through any workout.
  45. GPP – General Physical Preparedness
  46. Heroes – Refers to CrossFit workouts named after fallen officers, soldiers, and firefighters to honor their memories.
  47. HIIT – High-Intensity Interval Training
  48. HRPU – Hand-Release Push-Up
  49. HQ – Refers to the official CrossFit headquarters.
  50. HSPU – Handstand Push-Up
  51. Intervals – Refers to the time-ratio of exercise to rest. For example, 20 seconds of exercise to 10 seconds of rest would be a “20/10 interval.”
  52. K2E – Knees to Elbows
  53. KB – Kettle Bell
  54. Kettle Bell – A cast iron or steel weight that looks like a bell or a ball with a looped handle.
  55. Kip – Refers to when a CrossFitter uses their body’s momentum to help with a Pull-up or handstand push-up.
  56. Ladder – A workout in which you increase the number of reps for each exercise by one for each round.
  57. ME – Maximum Effort
  58. Metcon – Metabolic Conditioning
  59. MP – Military Press
  60. MU – Muscle-Up
  61. Muscle-Up – A combo pull-up and ring dip.
  62. OHS – Overhead Squat
  63. Paleo – Refers to the Paleolithic diet.
  64. PB – Personal Best
  65. PC – Power Clean
  66. Pd – Pood
  67. Pistol – A one-legged squat.
  68. PJ – Push Jerk
  69. Pood – A weight measurement for Kettle Bells.
  70. PP – Push Press
  71. PR – Personal Record
  72. Prescription – Refers to the CrossFit methodology and prescribed lifestyle.
  73. PU – Pull-Up
  74. Pukie the Clown – Refers to an unofficial CrossFit mascot, portrayed as a clown throwing up after a workout.
  75. Push Jerk – To lift a barbell above the head from rack position while squatting.
  76. Push Press – To lift a barbell above the head from rack position.
  77. Rack Position – Refers to a barbell resting on the collar bone and anterior deltoids while supported by the hands.
  78. Renegade Rows – To alternate lifting dumbells with each hand from a push-up position.
  79. Rep – Repetition
  80. Repetition – To repeat an exercise or movement consecutively.
  81. Rest Day – Refers to a day when a CrosFitter has no CrossFit workout.
  82. RFT – Rounds for Time
  83. Rhabdomyolysis – A rare breakdown of muscle tissue that releases a damaging protein into the blood.
  84. RM – Repetition Maximum
  85. ROM – Range of Motion
  86. Rx – Your fitness prescription or “as prescribed.”
  87. Score – Refers to the total number of reps completed in a workout.
  88. SDLHP – Sumo Deadlift High Pull
  89. Set – Refers to a group of repetitions in a workout.
  90. SHSPU – Strict Handstand Push-Up
  91. SJ – Split Jerk
  92. SN – Snatch
  93. SP – Shoulder Press
  94. SQ – Squat
  95. S2OH – Shoulder to Over Head
  96. T2B – Toes to Bar
  97. Tabata – Work out for 20 minutes, rest for 10 minutes, repeat 8 times, and do it 4 days a week.
  98. TGU – Turkish Get-Up
  99. The Games – Refers to the annual, official CrossFit Games.
  100. Uncle Rhabdo – Refers to an unofficial CrossFit mascot, named after rhabdomyolysis. He represents the “no pain, no gain” motto.
  101. WOD – Workout of the Day.

Now, you should have enough knowledge to be more comfortable in the box. If you’re ready to get started, start your 6-week CrossFit transformation challenge.